Not Always

I’m writing to you from the future.  It’s you…or me.

I know it feels good, but don’t let your parents shelter you so much.  Be more independent and productive.

Mom and Dad say that if you’re a good person and work hard, things will turn out okay.  Your teachers reinforce that thinking.

Justice for all is something you’ve bought into. It doesn’t always work that way.

Mom thought you were pretty much the model teenager because you didn’t get into any trouble. (You were too busy hiding from the world.) She didn’t IMG_2507encourage college because the only reason girls want to go to college is to sleep with their boyfriends. She told you learn to type, and you’d always be employed.

Years later, when you get divorced at 47, and the judge tells you become self-sufficient, when you haven’t prepared for a life-sustaining career, and depression has taken you lower than you can imagine, you’re going to wish you’d been more serious about pursuing a college education.

Dad’s not perfect. He can be a little too serious, but after Mom dies, he realizes life really is short. He develops ‘a sense of humor.‘  At least, he tries to be funny. (And he makes that teenage dream of having a horse come true.)

You were blessed to have two of the most stable people I’ve ever known as parents.

I wish you could have known that wasn’t the way everybody conducted their lives, that wasn’t the way it would always be.


Mary W.

Assignment: Letter to Self


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