Welcome Home!

Today’s post is in honor of World Refugee Day.

This message comes from an amazingly dedicated tutor and volunteer, Debbie F.

And by “amazingly dedicated” I offer: Debbie has been present, in the delivery room, present, for the birth of three babies connected to her ELL program at Faith Lutheran Church in Glen Ellyn.  

If she’s willing to go into the delivery room, you know she’s willing to travel to Chicago for the swearing in ceremony of her student who passed the 160+ question citizenship interview. Debbie sent the following note: 

20160607_New Citizen Haga_1472
Haga I. welcomed as an American citizen. 

“Of all that I have been to, this was the best citizenship ceremony ever! How cool is it that the presenter (and speaker) at today’s event was a Muslim woman?  She exuded warmth and clearly was happy doing this work, taking time to really look at each of the 136 new citizens (from 45 countries.)  She even let families come to the front and take the pictures as it was happening (no re-enactments!)”

Debbie F. 


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