YOu are capable- don’t live a meaningless life spent in oblivion!

YOu are smarter than yOu think- don’t allow fear and shame to push yOu into a silent submission.

YOu are going to make mistakes- they are the gift of spring rain, that brings forth the
bloom of humility and compassion.
FullSizeRender (5)
YOu will survive- don’t let others’ perceptions leave an infallible imprint on your soul.

YOu need to believe in your dreams- there is a vast difference between an unrestrained imagination and the acceptance of a contrived existence.

YOu need to forgive yourself- sooner.

YOu need to trust your intuitions- embrace the culture that lies within yOu.

YOu can be everything yOu hoped- if yOu give yourself to the love of all things that yOu can create.

YOu can be vulnerable- the whisper that this is a weakness is but a fraud! This is an endeavor that few have the strength to attempt.

YOu can be less than perfect- hug your Miss-guidings instead, they will help you tune your inner melody.

YOu should nurture yourself- don’t allow others to overpopulate yOu.

YOu can be accepted- there is no danger in our differences. The threat lies in the tedium of sameness.


Monalisa B.

Assignment: ‘I Am’ Poem

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  1. Bill Archer says:

    YOu are beautiful and unique!

    Liked by 1 person

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