Service Project

Extra Credit Assignment

Mr. Ferguson P.2

My mom is an English teacher at the People’s Resource Center. I volunteered and went twice a week with her for ten weeks as a teacher’s aide all summer. My mom teaches refugees from all over the world. They have a really hard time learning how to write, read, and speak so it takes a really long time to teach them and it is very difficult for them.


I have learned a lot of things from everyone. They are all poor and they can’t afford a house or a car. They have to walk to school a really long ways. That just shows me that they care enough to go to school that they would walk a really long way in the heat or rain just to come to class. I also learned that these refugee students think of school as a relief place. Back in their old countries there was war and violence that they experienced. Some of them even lost family members. They are happy when they come to class with smiles on their faces. All in all, working with these students at the PRC made me a better person learning that through life you are going to have struggles. All that matters is how you handle the struggles and find a way to get past them.


Micah C.

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  1. Bill A says:

    Nicely done, Micah. It looks like you have learned as much as you have taught.

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  2. Maryanna Milton says:

    Micah – You are wise beyond years! Thanks for sharing your mom with all of us.

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  3. Monalisa says:

    This organization is a gift to everyone who walks thru the doors! No matter what kind of day you are having upon arriving you will leave with an abundance of hope and a smile upon your face!

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