Friendship Soufflé

To lift a friend in trouble.


  • 1 air of approachability
  • 2 listening ears
  • 2 welcoming shoulders
  • 1 scant sense of humor
  • 1 mouth, working
  • 1 mouth, closed
  • 1 heaping portion of tolerance

Yield: 2 generous servings

Have all of your ingredients at the ready before you begin. Do your mise en place!

Don the air of approachability, giving your friend the okay to share a problem.

Carefully put on the 2 listening ears. Do not incorporate the working mouth at this time.

If weeping occurs, do not panic. It’s normal at this stage of the recipe, and you can remedy it by offering your 2 welcoming shoulders to cry on.

At times, it doesn’t hurt to strew in a little humor, but do so sparingly, so as not to make light of the situation.

Next, the working mouth may be used, but only if you have some worthwhile advice to give.

A heaping portion of tolerance will come in handy if your friend chooses to ignore said advice.

Never, ever forget to utilize the closed mouth.

Resist temptation to share the conversation with anyone else.


Julie S.

Assignment: A Recipe

One Comment Add yours

  1. Alison says:

    Love the recipe. Great advice, well said.


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