As a new comer

in Chicago

like other foreigners used to

I just started a new immigrant life.  Luckily,

I am rooting

in the area full of good men and peaceful energy.

This is the

live moments

that I learn from you

and build a social relationship

(here in PRC.)

I often feel like a child on the shore

difficult to communicate,

unfamiliar with environment,

easily getting lost on a road.

At the same time, I am growing like a child

filled with vigorous curiosity.

Knowing more about

the residence,

hanging around with,


making a memory with new friends.

I become a part of this society; in other words,

Chicago is making

home of




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bill Archer says:

    Welcome JK. I enjoyed your writing.


  2. Monalisa says:

    What a Bella poem! I love the sentiment of ” growing like a child with vigorous curiosity “


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