I grew up in a little town in Mexico. We had a big house with a big yard. There were lots of flowers and trees. There were dogs and cats and a big space for running with my brothers and sisters and friends.

My family had mango trees, and the little purple ones? Plums! And oranges, limes, guava, bananas, the common fruits. Also corn, pumpkins and peanuts. Oh, there was a big garden with things for salad too.

Our farm was like a garden.

img_3384My father had a cow, and my mother makes cheese and fresh sour cream. There were donkeys and horses. I miss taking the donkeys to the field to help row out the corn? –to plow the rows for corn.

I married in Mexico and my husband, he brings me to the U.S. It was so different than I imagined. I lived in the city, in Chicago? When I am first here, I live in a small apartment. Very small. Very dark. Everything seems different than my home in Mexico.

I didn’t eat meat when I first came here. It tasted so different! Not fresh like at home. It looks different. It smells different. I couldn’t eat it! Cheese and milk taste different too. I didn’t like it! Now, it’s better. Now I think it tastes ok. But when I first come? No, I didn’t like it so much.

My husband helped me feel better. He teaches me many things. He taught me to drive. In Mexico, I did not drive! When I first came here, he taught me the names of the streets and pointed to the signs so I could know where I am. He wants me to learn and go to school.

Sometimes I miss my little town. I feel very happy then, with my mom, dad, three sisters and three brothers, on the farm over the seasons…everything always changing.

Everything always changing.


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  1. Very pretty. Chicago really takes us far from nature sometimes and it’s difficult to find it.


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