I’m from Mexico. The life there is more relaxed, more take it easy. Over there, people walk outside and call out, “Oh hi!” It’s beautiful. 

Life here is more complicated.

My father’s house was three rooms and a kitchen. Two bedrooms and a little living room. We ate in the kitchen at a little table with six chairs.  We played outside, me and my brothers, in a big yard. Oh, we had chores too! Taking care of the animals and help my mom with her vegetables and flowers.

For some years, my father lived and worked in the U.S. and my mother was still in Mexico. When I was young, I thought life in the U.S. was easy because my father had done it.

img_2553.jpgBut it’s hard work! Hard to learn the English, to get a job, to learn the customs.

I have one daughter and one son. In my house, we speak Spanish but I ask my children, “Please, speak English.”

My mother came here to live with us. She had cancer. It was so hard speaking English with the doctors. She is a beautiful person. She is okay now, but oh, this was hard! Five years I have no work, because she is sick and I take care of her.

I have two grandmothers and two grandfathers. They are so special to me when I am a child. And then, they pass away. But I could not visit them, because I have papers in process, to become a citizen. This is another thing. This was very hard.

I have a lot of nerves. I have depression.

It is better now. I am glad for us to be here because I have more opportunites for my children. In Mexico, it is hard life. No work, no money, no medicine.

But life is beautiful.

Now, we here.



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