My family call me Romy.

I am born in 1941.

This is not a safe time in my home. I am homesick and I want to visit. I used to go back to home often, to visit my family, and see my house. But now, I am afraid. I have heard that there is policemen that kill people for little things.

I am single. Do you want to know why I am still single? I have to earn money and start a business first, before I marry.

I come here to work and to make money but I had troubles. I work in a place with machines. I hurt my back. I have a car accident.

I work part-time for a while. Many jobs! I do any job, I do housekeeping.

Then, I am sick. I have cancer.

I am not afraid when I have no money.  I am afraid when I have no work.

After I am sick, and I thought there is no hope.

Then I came to PRC, and my self is always happy.

I think there is hope.






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  1. Carl Sodergren says:

    That is good, powerful story, more powerful and effective than many long stories! Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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