I am from Nagasaki in Japan.

I want to change my life so I choose Toronto in Canada because it is close to New York and I watch a lot of Sex and The City. I want to be Carrie Bradshaw. One year I go to the Time Square Countdown.

Everything is so new in Canada. There, I meet a man who is from Japan too. He work in Canada. He is my friend.

Then, I have to go back to Japan. I am back home for five years.

When I am there, my friend propose to me using skype. We get married and I go to live in Canada. Then, my husband job transfer to Chicago. I fly to Chicago when I was 28 weeks pregnant.

My husband already in Chicago, so I have my mom to help.

My husband company supposed to pay for airplane but it is full! I am pregnant and stuck in airport for two days.

I think the US don’t like me.

I make it to Chicago and my husband help me. We learn together.

English is hard. Pronunciation is hard. I am still learning.

We are learning together.


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