Home: I See What Matters

I see myself growing up so fast.

Now I can notice things that I could not when I was seven. My parents’ house is still warm and enjoyable with them in it. I have a little baby brother, and I must help my mom care for him.

Two sisters and two brothers already left the house to find jobs. They are far from my town. I miss them.

The house looks almost the same but needs painting. Also, we need some new mattresses. It is summer, and the room is so hot because of the metal roof….

Wait a minute.

I see a new room. My older brother made it. Now, there are four rooms.

Another difference is now we have electricity, including lights and an old television. I can see myself and a friend watching a program when, suddenly, it starts to rain and the TV stops.

That would happen every time it rained.

Then, my mom says, “Let’s go to the kitchen.” It is small, but we all fit, even though it is not easy or comfortable.

I see myself thinking.

What am I thinking?

I am dreaming of studying and working hard to build my mom a big kitchen.

Now that I am in my thirties, I can say, when you are growing up in a nice environment with your parents and siblings, the rest does not matter.


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