Home: Divided

I am a seven-year-old boy in the yard in front of my house.

Living in a small space made me feel like a mischievous, troublesome brat. I fully enjoyed the light of days. My small yard was the place where my friends and I used to spend the whole day playing ball and “catch me.”

No matter what I wore in the morning, it turned dirty in the evening.

Although we fully enjoyed playing with friends in the dusk, it would be difficult to bear the delicious smells from the neighbor’s house or mine. Sometimes, there were the delightful moments, having a break to eat some snacks brought by my mother.

There was no jealousy, hatred or segregation. With full smiles, we shared the food — all while being out of breath from rushing for it.

This playground for my friends and me also had a tiny garden in the corner for my mother. Although there weren’t many flowers, various plants produced leaves and fruits for salad. Fruits were good for our poor stomachs. My mother shouted at us to not ruin the garden.

I am a 14-year-old boy in the classroom of the middle school.

I didn’t spend much time in my home. My generation hung out most of the time around school, unlike today.

We learned how to be members of the group. We learned to be patient and yield to our classmates. However, the classmates were not always what you thought. Ordinarily, there would be a big boy — he doesn’t look big now, though — and his followers. They were often targeting someone to bully.

Now I think they were just looking for someone who stood out in the wrong way. This unlucky person was used to being bullied. Not all my classmates enjoyed teasing him, but they didn’t put a stop to it, either. The result was the whole class bullying one target.

I was one.

I was small and looked weak. Even though it didn’t last long, it was not a good memory. I wondered why the teacher allowed this little-big boss to crisscross the whole class with rudeness.

He liked to make fun of his prey and sometimes wring some money from him. Fortunately, I wasn’t so severely bullied. But all the time, I would think about avoiding my enemy’s attack.

The world was divided into two sides, my side and my enemy’s.


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  1. Monalisa says:

    Well done JK💕❤️💕


  2. JK says:

    I think I am still too shy to even say thank you.


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