Job Hunting for Beginners

This is the third post in a series on finding a job in the US. To read from the beginning, start here.


Job hunting can be a lonely business. I’m using every possible path to find my way through this void.

I have started by registering with several job search-engine websites. These can help with job hunting and networking. There are many search engines and recruiting sites– Linkedin, Careerbuilder, Monster and so on. Although it takes less than an hour to create an account, it takes many regular hours to build useful connections.

Second, I registered for job assistance with the People’s Resource Center. They are well organized and provide programs such as job coaching, application tips, practice for interviewing skills and resume advice.

Lastly, I have called several corporate recruiters. Recruiters, or “head-hunters,” work with specific companies and with certain training backgrounds. As an engineer, I have worked in a very specific field. It can be quite difficult to find a match for my skills. Recruiters can act as a broker between a job seeker and a company.

After one recruiter checked my resume, they arranged for me to have an interview. I was hopeful. They mentioned that I am one of three candidates.

Wow, this won’t be a piece of cake.

Following up on my online job profiles, checking my e-mail and applying for jobs has become part of my daily life. According to most advisers, I should treat job searching like a regular day at the office. Maybe it is like a farmer cultivating a field; the more seeds you plant, the more chance of a good harvest?

The bottom line is I am starting my search by using all the tools and professional advice for job seeking I can find.

Now that I know a few ways to access an employer, apply for positions, and get some help with my search skills, I am no longer a lonely wolf.

I’ve begun to feel confidence. I know I can face the challenge of the unemployment experience.


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  1. Alison says:

    Your post particularly moved me because I was in HR for five years. As hungry as you are–as we’ve all been, sometime in our lives–to find a job…..I saw this from the other side of the fence. It needs to be a job that works for you, that’s right for you–otherwise you won’t stay, and you won’t be happy. That seems unimportant when you’re job-searching–you NEED the money; you NEED the job; you feel you’ll take anything. But you truly don’t want ‘anything’. You want the right fit for you. I wish this could be done much faster….but getting in the wrong job is a miserable experience, too. Hold on and keep the faith! Good luck to you.


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