Remembering Judy

PRC said goodbye to a friend when Judy passed away last month. She was a longtime volunteer who devoted her “second career” to People’s Resource Center. Judy loved books and could often be found reading at the Wheaton Public Library. This poem was written in her honor by an employee of the Wheaton Public Library.

Just Call Me Ma

In her humble way,

Ma was available everyday

To meet a need, to serve and feed

Then plant a seed in her odd way

Everyone knew her well

She always spoke of the ones she loved

Oh, what stories she’d tell

She was a hoot, she’d give you a whack

and without notice she shoved

and we would stand there in surprise

and watch her laugh, her whimsical way

then share the good news

of the victories you had

Her smile was a beacon

that made us so glad

to know such a one as she

It was an honor and privilege

to know this Madam Curie

But then life brought an unusual twist

as her vision slipped there was less aha

Still, she wouldn’t quit as she reached for an arm

Thank God for this woman,

our friend, so fondly called Ma….


Steve Dyer

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