Just a Joy


The PRC got together with our church fifteen or sixteen years ago? I think we were the first off-campus literacy program. PRC sent us students who wanted to learn English.

After my church got out of the program, I continued to come on Saturdays, and I still come every Saturday. I enjoyed the interaction with people willing and wanting to learn English.

Tutoring gave me respect for immigrants, coming to a country where they don’t know the language? It’s hard. I have a better understanding of the struggles people go through to learn, and secure a job. Tutoring really makes you aware of cultural issues and differences, how to respect peoples’ cultures. (I’m careful not to get into politics.)

Once I had to write a letter to immigration supporting an individual’s need to stay in the US. I still remember the student’s distress because they were being deported. But the highlight of my tutoring experience was, after eight years of study, two students in my grammar class acquired their citizenship. That was very rewarding.

Tutoring taught me to be a bit more charitable.

I do other things at the PRC now too, like working in the food pantry, picking up food and bringing it here. Also, I became the advocate between our church and the PRC. We run events like donation collections for coats or school supplies. People’s Resource Center opened up a lot of opportunities for me to help. It’s just a joy.

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  1. ginsgoodeats says:

    Hey JA – this brings back wonderful memories! Good to read your joy!!

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