Thank You, Teacher

I used to be an occupational therapist for special needs kids. I went part time when my grandchildren came along and then the place I worked said, “You have to choose—work full time or retire.” So, I retired.

I have a friend who volunteers in the food pantry. I admired her for volunteering, so I asked her about the PRC. I didn’t even know this was possible–tutoring. I thought, “I’m not a teacher.”

But you know, if you’re an educated adult, it’s not that hard. It’s easy. You just talk. Afterward, I always end up thinking, oh yeah! we’re all the same.

So why can’t we get along?

Sometimes I think Americans can be a bit greedy. Materialistic. We have to have three cars and an even bigger house and fifty pairs of shoes. I was raised to fix things, save things. I see that in these students. I admire that.

I’ve been volunteering here for about a year now. Every single student was a special person. At first, I was just in awe. All my students really want to learn. They are smart. They are so smart! Oh, the determination of these people.  And every one is always so grateful.

“Thank you, teacher.”

I want all our students to be happy and healthy and comfortable in the US. I always ask them, how do you feel to be here in the United States? I haven’t had anyone say they didn’t want to be here. Even though it’s hard. They feel homesick, of course, but they want to be here.

I just want them to be happy too.

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  1. Monalisa says:

    What a wonderful ambassador you are for your students in this new country. The work you do and time you spend supporting them is a priceless gift .


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