I won

When I started my teaching practicum at People’s Resource Center, I wasn’t expecting to be encouraged in my own language learning. I hope to borrow some of my student’s passion and determination to learn when I travel to my next teaching adventure in Vietnam.

My practicum class consisted of twelve adults from eight different countries who gathered twice a week to learn English and share community.

They are bright, eager, sweet individuals who graciously welcomed me into their classroom. I loved their enthusiasm, commitment, and the pride they had in what they accomplished.

I’m learning Vietnamese right now in preparation for moving overseas, and I have been so encouraged by their attitudes.

One conversation I overheard was particularly inspiring. A student was relaying how she and one of her male relatives had started English language learning at the same time. Although her relative had persisted in language learning, she felt she had fallen behind.

Sometimes, he would tease her when he saw her, by saying, “I won. You lost.”

She was smiling as she recounted the story, but I could see the fire in her eyes. “He tells me that he won. But I tell him, oh no, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

I am very thankful for the opportunity to meet and teach each and every one my adult students, and to my College of DuPage cooperating teacher, and the People’s Resource Center for welcoming me!




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