Poems: The Star of the Show


An overcast Saturday morning

On Cinco De Mayo

On Church Street

Four Blocks from Mission Delores Park

In the city by the bay



Entering the Book Store

Noticing four photos of

A pumpkin colored cat

In various stages of emotional outburst

Displayed on the window


He must be the shops’

Marque attraction

This is a merchant of books

Isn’t it ?

Not ‘animal theater’


Over at the Noir Mystery Section

Pumpkin makes his entrance

Strolling across

Travel Catalogs

Is he planning on going somewhere ?


10 minutes later I spot him again

Strutting down

The high shelf

Among the young adult romances

Could this Romeow

Be looking for his



In literary anthologies

He prances along self help section

From his rear his butt out proudly

His tail in the air


I reach out for him

And clumsily and noisily trip over

He runs off

But only for a short distance

His curiosity gets the best of him

And looks back at me


Rustic tabby

Situates himself

On an orange

Fatheringale throne

Furniture and feline

Merge into one


Scrunched up

A fuzzy, circular

Mass of orange fur

Inhaling, exhaling

Purring, Chilling Out


I kneel down

Move forward

For a Vulcan mind melve

To gain access to

The wavelengths

Of this creature’s mind


I break the invisible perimeter

And enter the air space

Of pumpkin’s soft fur

Feel the vibes

Feel the aura, the essence

Of his feline coat


A hand is put out

His paw is touched

He just stares back

He’s in no hurry

After careful consideration

He returns the gesture

With one return greeting

Paw to hand


However this is where

Pumpkin draws the line

He isn’t in the mood

For extended human interaction

At the moment


Drawing his four paws inward

Tail contorting to his

Wide body

Rest and relaxation mode


He takes a page

From the turtles playbook of

Passive, non- combative resistance


Pumpkin stands his ground

Without so much a hiss

Or paw swipe

Quietly and silently

His desire is made very clearly


I acknowledge

His mellow victory

Move to the magazine rack

Pumpkin resumes his rest


I proceed to Mission Delores Park

On this overcast Saturday morning

To the Cinco de Mayo festivities

In the city by the bay

And leave pumpkin to enjoy this downtime

Even the star of the show needs

Rest and relaxation

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